Hog Confinements

Hog confinements and human health: an intersection 
between science, morals, and the law.

         Although we have stopped the appeal process of that lawsuit, 
the lawsuit will be reborn as legislative language based on the 
lawsuit, and we will start a statewide grass roots campaign in Iowa 
to get that language into legislation. That language will be put up 
here once we have put it together.

         This is our second lawsuit concerning hog confinements. The 
first was a lawsuit a few years ago against the EPA trying to get 
them to regulate hydrogen-sulfide and ammonia coming from hog 
confinements. Those lawsuit documents will be up on this new website 
in the near future.

Below is a Power Point and Lawsuit Letter, within the letter there are two links –



Please download to view the powerpoint and letter…