Embryo Problem

If God is the creator, God is also the destroyer – CR Gazette Saturday 4-11-24.

            From time immemorial, humans have had creation stories, myths, explaining to themselves where they came from and why the world is the way it is. Modern creation stories are called religions. There are some 10,000 creation story/religions in the world today.

            An interesting twist to modern creation story/religions is that some of them have ceded their human created morals and ethics to their fictionally created gods. They now say that humans must follow these gods’ morals and ethics no matter what we understand the truth to be about humans.

            With the Alabama Supreme Court’s decision that embryos are persons, evangelical Christians, and many other creation story/religions, have an existential dilemma to deal with and a decision to make. In this religion God made everything, including humans, and since the human body naturally flushes out some half of all embryos, God is a mass abortionist. Or, they can admit that their God is their creation story, and a fictional myth, and their myth has no business in laws telling us who we are, and how we must live.

            Based on the logic of this creation story/religion, these are the only two decisions that can be made on this issue.

Bob Watson